Rocket Tubular Battery

Instructions while using the Batteries

  • After receiving a charged battery connect it to the ups(load) system at the earliest.if the battery is kept in idle condition for more than one month , give a full charge and then only connect to the ups/inverter(load) system.
  • For best results the battery is to be operated at below 40°c.continued operation at high temperature will shorten battery life.
  • Over charging of battery is indicated by the high excessive temperatures and frequent topping up suitably adjust the charger voltage settings.
  • Under charging of battery is shown by the progressive decrease of specific gravity suitably adjust the charger voltage settings.
  • Topping up of cells should be done once in 4 months. Add d.m. Water to bring up to the float mark level at regular intervals to avoid exposure of plates.
  • If the battery expected to operate continuously in cold climate,(i.e., average ambient temp. Through out the year is less than 15 °c) the Of initial filling battery grade acid used shall be 1.280+/- 0.005 at 27 deg.c

Important Instructions

  • Discard the dummy vent plugs provided with dry batteries instantly on initial filling.
  • Never charge the batteries fitted with dummy plugs.this will cause explosion of batteries.
  • Use The Aquatrap Cum Float Provided During Initial Filling To Fill Upto Specified Level.
  • Use only battery grade dilute sulphuric acid of specified specific gravity.
  • Never Add Concentrated Acid During Service Life Of Battery.
  • Use Only Battery Grade D.M. Water To Top Up The Cells During Service.
  • Never fit dummy plugs on to a charged battery during transit.(use transit vent plugs with vent holes).
  • For good service life, never allow the battery to be kept in discharged conditions.
  • Allow The Battery To Cool Down To Ambient Temperature The Top And Sides Of The Battery Should Be Wiped Clean.


  • Keep the battery room well ventilated.
  • Keep the battery and its surrounding dry and clean.
  • Check and keep the electrical connections always tight. If any connection tends to get heated up, it denotes a loose connection.
  • Should there be any corrosion of the racks. Clean the affected parts thoroughly and protect them from corrosion by coating with acid proof paint.
  • If the battery is to stand idle. First give a full charge and disconnect it from circuit. Give a freshening charge once a month during the idle period and also before connecting for service.
  • Always keep the top surface of the battery clean and dry. The joints and cell connections should also be kept clean and smeared with Vaseline. Remove traces of corrosion promptly by cleaning with washing soda solution, do not allow the solution to get into the cells.
  • Lights, which would be particularly dangerous near the closed type cells, should not be permitted in the battery room.
  • When working on cells or connections care should be taken not to bridge the terminal with the spanner or with the same object, metal vassals should not be used for topping up.
  • If through any cause a container is broken, disconnect the cell/battery and place the section fully immersed in distilled water in an acid resistant non-metallic vessel until such time as the container can be replaced.